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Journal No 1 (1970) J A Robey The Drainage of the Mixon Copper Mine, Onecote S & E Broadbridge Communication with Canals in the Stafford Area H E Akerman, et al Some Staffordshire Watermills J J Bradbury The Railways of Cannock Chase Journal No 2 (1971) S R Broadbridge Joseph Banks and West Midlands Industry 1767 Lindsey Porter Stations of the Leek & Manifold Valley Light Railway W J Thompson The Wedgewood Fluting Lathe Mrs. J E Bailey The Stafford Workhouse J R Francis An Early Experiment in the use of Electricity Journal No 3 (1972) B Hardman Silverdale Iron Works D Scahill Salt Working at Shirleywich 1630-1830 R A Hayward Old Steam Mill, Wolverhampton, A Milestone in Fireproof Construction M Allbutt & The Origins of Stone S Broadbridge M Allbutt The Directories of Trade Journal No 4 (1973) STONE SURVEY Mrs. E Broadbridge Occupations in Stone from the 1851 Census S Broadbridge The Workhouse in Stone F Brook The Trunk Roads Mrs. E Broadbridge The Trent and Mersey Canal D Wrench The Gas Works, Stone W J Thompson The Stone Brass Works Mrs. E Broadbridge The Boot and Shoe Industry in Stone L F Helsby, D Legge Watermills of the Moddershall Valley & A J Rushton Journal No 5 (1974) P Lead Tramroads on the Potteries Coalfield R Woodward Coal Mining In and Around Rugeley Journal No 6 (1975) F Brook Some Industrial Archaeology Sites in Tipton J A Robey Some Staffordshire Industrial Record1795-1800 P Lead William Hazeldine’s Windmill, The Toft, Trentham F Peel History of Arkwight’s Mill, Rocester M Barker, et al Cannock Mill Journal No 7 (1977) F Brook The Smestow Brook (An Industrial Valley) B Bull Cannock Wood Colliery and it’s Paddy Trains P Lead & H Torrens The Introduction of the Trevithick Steam Engine to North Staffordshire P Lead The North Staffordshire Iron Industry A Brennan, et al Farewell Mill Journal No 8 (1978) STAFFORD SURVEY Part 1 M Allbutt Turnpike Roads of Stafford A M Gully An Historical Survey of the Railways serving Stafford T Doubtfire Henry Venables Ltd. A M Harrison Elleys of Stafford W H Cooper Stafford Corporation Electricity Department 1895-1948 Journal No 9 (1980) P Lead & J Robey Steam Power in North Staffordshire1750- 1850 B Job Windmills in Staffordshire J R Francis A History of Cannock Chase Colliery Company Ltd. Journal No 10 (1981) STAFFORD SURVEY Part 2 A M Harrison The Development of Boot and Shoe Manufacturing in Stafford 1850-1880 B Job Town Mill and Broadeye Mill, Stafford Journal No 11 (1983) STAFFORD SURVEY Part 3 A Andrews & Quarries and Brickworks in Stafford and District J Andrews Journal No 12 (1986) A Andrews & Colwich Brickworks Survey J Andrews Journal No 13 (1989) P Owen Perceptions of Female Workers in the Black Country 1870-1910 B Job Grinding of Flint and Bone T Green, B Job, Jesse Shirleys Etruscan Bone and Flint Mill, J Kelly, M Walton Stoke on Trent & B Woolfson Journal No 14 (1991) W Klempere Jesse Shirleys Etruscan Bone and Flint Mill. The Story continues & A Nuttall W J Haines I was born on a farm in 1912 A Andrews Harvesting Machinery Journal No 15 (1994) Silver Jubilee Edition The History of our Society 1969-1994. S R & E Broadbridge Communications with Canals in the Stafford Area. T Thorndike Triumph of the Tracks. J A Robey Smelting mills in the upper Dove valley J R Francis John Robinson McClean civil Engineer 1813-1873. J D Wilcock Industrial Archaeology of computers and their connections with Staffordshire Journal No 16 (1997) J R Francis Bill Thompson remembered 1933-1996. F Brook A bay on the Nothumberland Coast - Seaton Sluice to Blyth. J D Wilcock An exploration of previous research on the dowsing method & its justification as a practical technique for the detection & charting of underground watercourses & cavities, On the watercourses of Shugborough, P J Lynch Interesting and unusual Staffordshire letterboxes. M Browne Longton: China Town F E Dean Manufacture of pottery - an article from the 1930’s C Stansfield Lead mines in mid Wales - a list of locations ` J R Francis The iron industry of the Rising Brook Valley Journal No 17 (1999) F Brook The Solway : An Industrial Tour T Parkes A report on the industrial building complex known as Trent Valley Works, Rugeley, formerly Colton Mill S Pitt Stafford Breweries J Causer The Marquis of Angleseys railway & Hayes Colliery at Brereton H Torrens The history of oil in the West Midlands T Parkes The historic art of charcoal burning P Lamb The hardware businesses of Lamb’s and Baker & Crockett in Wolverhampton Journal No 18 (2004) SANDON LIME KILN A Andrews Sandon Mill & Limekiln A & J Andrews Sandon Limekiln: Survey & Archaeology Journal 19 (2005)
Edwin H.Judd Shoemaking Method
Martin Harrison The deevelopment of boot & shoe manufacturing in Stafford, 1850 -1880
Martin Harrison Richard Podmore & Son, Shoe Manufacturers Martin Harrison Stafford Box Factory in 2003 Journal 20 (2008)
VICTORIA MILL, STANLEY MOSS & IT'S RAILWAY CONNECTIONS TO ENDON Anne & Jim Andrews Victoria Mill, Stanley Moss & It's Railway connections to Endon:
History of the Site; Excavations; Summary & Conclusions
Journal 21 (2009)
Chris Birch The development of working class leisure in the coalmining regions of
Staffordshire, 1840 - 1914
Water-Thrashing Machine of eight horse power
Ken Edward Rugeley's First Waterworks Alfred Camden Prat Cutting roads to fortune with edge tools - from Bits of the Old Black Country
as recorded in "The Midlands Counties Express" in 1883/1884
Journal 22 (2011) Anne & Jim Andrews Tixall Icehouse Anne Andrews Reports of 1920s strikes in the Liverpool & National Press Tony Parkes Fradley Junction Wharf
Journal 23 (2013) RISING BROOK RUGELEY IRONWORKS Jim Causer & Anne Andrews The Rolling of Iron in Rugeley from 1713
& other activities at these sites to 1890
Stoke Museum Archaeology Society Excavations at Horns Pool, Slitting Mill Harry Thornton Bygone Ironmasters of Amblecote & Rugeley & their
industrial legacy of global acclaim
  (includes the Hopkins Family & their activities in Rugeley)
Journal 24 (2015) Roger Francis The coming of Electricity to Cannock Chase Area Anne Andrews Staffordshire & Worcestershire Canal Gt Haywood Toll Book.November 19th to December 26th 1900 David Wilkinson The Flint Mill, Stone Harry Thornton Ironworks of the Rising Brook Valley at Rugeley. Piecing together the evidence
Journal 25 (2019)

 Review of the society  
Rowan Patel                        Box kilns & glaze pans: The manufacture of ceramic frits & glazes
   Peter Brown                        A brief history of Belvide Reservoir       

 Joe Thatcher                        The Clifton Suspension Bridge

 Jeremy Milln                        Whitebarn Farm, Excavated by SIAS 1995

 Roger Francis                       Cannock Chase Colliery Company Power Station 1907-08

 Barry Walker                        The Walled Garden at Shugborough

   Robin Mathams & Dave Barrett        The First World War Brocton Camp Military Railway at Milford

   Harry Thornton                      Brereton Colliery 1791 - 1851. The First 60 Years

'100 years of Business in Stafford, 1900-2000'
                                                            A survey of business in Stafford in 2000 trading under the same name or at the same site since 1900

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