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            The Society has undertaken numeous practical projects:-
                In 1973 Journal 4 reported the survey of industry in Stone.
                From 1978 to 1983, Journals 8, 10 & 11 reported a similar survey of the industries of Stafford
                 In 1986 the society carried out a survey of Colwich Brickworks which was about to be redeveloped, and this was reported in Journal 12.
                Members of the society helped restore and maintain some of the farm machinery at Shugborugh, including the Threshing machine which they
                         ran at the County Show and at Shugborough Farm. Members of the society were also involved in the restoration of Jesse Shirley's Etruscan
                        Bone & Flint Mill in Etruria, clearing out the flint pans and helping to restore the steam engine. These projects were both reported in Journal
                        14 in 1991.
                In 1997 members helped to excavate the water wheel at White Barn Farm, Shugborough, and one of our members located the various
                        watercourses on the estate by dousing. This latter was reported in Journal 16. We are still waiting for the professional archaeologist to write
                        up the excavation.
                In 1999 a member investigated the Marquis of Angleseys railway & Hayes Colliery at Brereton, which he reported in Journal 17.
                To mark the millennium in 2000 we produced a book recording all the 1900 businesses in Stafford which were still operating in 2000.
                Members also rebuilt the former platform shelter from Chartley Station at the Amerton Narrow Guage Railway, which took several years.
                In 2004 members excavated the Flint & Lime Kiln at Sandon, which was reported in Journal 18.
                A photographic record of the Stafford Box Factory was made before development and reported in Journal 19 in 2005 alongwith a survey of the
                        rest of 
the Stafford Shoe Industry.   
                In 2008 we were asked to investigate a site adjacent to the Caldon Canal in Endon, where there had been a rail line crossing the canal on a swing
                       bridge to a nearby Flint Mill. This was reported in Journal 20.
                In 2011 we excavated the Icehouse at Tixall and carried out a survey of other local icehouses to see if there was a common pattern. The results
                       were published in Journal 22.
                More recently we have investigated the iron industry along the Rising Brook at Rugeley, with help from the Stoke Museum Archaeology Society.
                      This industry was first reported bya member in 1997 in Journal 16. The main results were reported in Journal 23 in 2013, with a further
                      article in Journal 24 in 2015.

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